About IQ Logistics

IQ Logistics is an innovative freight/transport brokerage service. The need for us is to "give back to the transport industry what has been taken out of it". The personal touch and care factor that has been missing since the multi national transport companies have existed. We put you back in touch with the owners of the trucks that you put your valuable freight on and we give you piece of mind that the company you have booked to do the transport for you, is actually the transport company that does the work for you.

We offer our customers complete transparency so you can make informed decisions on your transport solutions. Now you can see who the transport company is, what type of trailers they have, what they specialize in and their accreditations, when they are available and how much it’s going to cost.

Each transport company is competing for your business so the savings will be passed on to you. We know that on certain days of the week there is more trucks than freight and that transport companies are willing to discount their rates to keep the trucks moving and this will also benefit you.

All freight movements are considered one off trips with options of payment when booked or payment on delivery this too means that our customers save money.

Our mission

To supply our customers with a one stop shop where they can compare prices between various transport companies, see who the various transporters are, what they specialize in and their accreditations, where they go and when they are available. This way our customers will have all the information they need to book their transport solution online saving them time and money.

To supply a consultant when a customer needs advice on their specific transport requirements.

To expose our transporters to more prime contractors, prompt payment, the ability to compete against the larger transport companies and a higher turn around for their equipment.