All Star Haulage Pty Limited

All Star Haulage is a family owned and operated business focusing on providing freight delivery from Canberra to Sydney and return from Canberra. The family business primarily provides a fast and efficient freight service delivery between Canberra, Sydney and surrounding areas. All Star Haulage has built a excellent reputation for providing safe and reliable freight to all customers for a effective timely delivery. Each and every customer has its own needs and requirements and we take pride in ourselves on being able to adapt our services to accommodate the individual needs of each freight delivery. All Star Haulage has being regarded as a representative of customers and help their extension of their its highest safety and excellent security of the freight. We have done all types of Freight, just to name a few :- General, Steel, Timber, PVC Pipes, Fruit & Vegetables, Oversized loads, Bricks, Tiles, Dincel and Palletised Freight All Star Haulage demands that our customers come first priority and each individual person must focus their efforts on the objective of delivering a quality service which we believe to be the best possible service.

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