Transport company terms and conditions

  1. There is no guarantee of loads - However IQ Logistics will make every effort to advertise your transport company so that your company has the best exposure to companies that require freight movements. Remember that your pricing and your equipment will play a big role in gaining more work. Be as accurate as you can when booking in your equipment.
  2. When booking your equipment please ensure that it has been entered into the correct category. Eg: trailer(s), fridge van- 22 pallet – carries 22,500 kilograms legally, H.A.C.C.P. approved etc. IQ Logistics will not be held responsible for over loading of trucks or wrong accreditations.
  3. Please make sure the correct equipment is used. Do not send a Tautliner to a customer when they have requested a Van. If this happens you may be blacklisted and IQ Logistics has the right to charge your company a no show fee of the loads transport value.
  4. Ensure trucks and trailers have enough equipment to do the task, eg: load binders, ply, dogs and chains, load restraint bars etc, to secure the load correctly. IQ Logistics will not be responsible for insecure loading.
  5. Ensure your drivers are courteous to Customers, remembering that our Customers are your Customers and we are all striving for repeat business.
  6. Poaching of Customers, while it may be good for your business is not good for our business. “We at IQ Logistics would not steal from the hand that fed us.” We would no longer require your services and all monies paid to IQ Logistics will not be refunded.
  7. Once the load has been booked and confirmed by Customer and Transport Company, consider our Customer your Customer from pick up to destination. Ensure the Customer is fully communicated with, advising them of such things as E.T.A’s for pickup and delivery, late trucks, break downs, fatigue issues etc. Communication is the key element to having a successful business and the chance for repeat business with the Customer.
  8. IQ Logistics must be informed immediately of any multi drops or out of the way places so that we can renegotiate extra charges to the Customer. All pricing should be based on two pick ups and two drops (maximum) and within a one hundred kilometer radius of capital cities. Unless pricing for multi drop deliveries.
  9. Please ensure your drivers have enough driving, working hours to complete their tasks. IQ Logistics will not be held responsible for fatigue management laws.
  10. O.H.S. is mandatory in every work site. Please make sure your drivers have all P.P.E. including safety vests, protective footwear etc. IQ Logistics is not responsible for your driver’s workplace health and safety.
  11. All loads must be covered by marine in transit, fire and theft insurances. It is up to the transport company to ensure all insurances are current and up to date. IQ Logistics will not be responsible for any insurance issues.
  12. All claims relating to damages, theft and loses to freight must be resolved as promptly as possible. Disputes between parties that are not covered in these terms and conditions shall not involve IQ Logistics. Disputes that cannot be resolved may be resolved under common law.
  13. All paperwork pertaining to freight movements must be signed upon delivery and returned to the Customer within seven (7) days of delivery. Where proof of delivery is required for payment on delivery, paperwork must be electronically delivered to the Customer: the use of facsimile or scanned original documents will suffice as the original consignment documentation but must be delivered to the Customer within two (2) hours of delivery, and the original documentation must be delivered within seven (7) days. Payments will be withheld until such time as proof of delivery is received.
  14. Pallet exchange may be required by some Customers, please ensure that you have the correct amount of pallets to exchange. All pallets are the responsibility of the transport company to exchange/dehire or transfer.
  15. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure all our Customers (be it Transporters or Customers that need transport solutions) get all the necessary information they require. There may from time to time be glitches in the system. Please notify us of any glitches as soon as they are noticed! Then we can ensure these glitches can be eradicated quickly. IQ Logistics will not be held responsible for missed information if we are not notified.
  16. Monies owed by IQ Logistics will be paid as promptly as possible however there may from time to time be unforeseen circumstances beyond our control eg: bank and public holidays, internet failure, computer systems failure. IQ Logistics shall not be responsible for these circumstances but will work on having any problems resolved as quickly as possible.
  17. Cancellation of a booking once confirmation is received will incur a cancellation fee.
  18. Commission is withdrawn from payment before payment is transferred to the transport company.
  19. IQ Logistics has the right to increase or decrease commission and fees where deemed necessary. IQ Logistics will give seven (7) days notification of any increase or decrease.
  20. Annual fees are from the date of registration for a twelve (12) month period. Upon the anniversary of the annual fee IQ Logistics shall notify the transport company of the anniversary fourteen (14) days prior to the fee being due, unless other arrangements have been negotiated with IQ Logistics.
  21. IQ Logistics policy is three strikes and you’re out. All monies paid to IQ Logistics for the service will not be refunded.
  22. The use of second or third party transport companies is not allowed with the exception of dire circumstances and will only be considered a one off situation. IQ Logistics must be informed of any such circumstances and will organize for that transport company to be registered and payment will be made to them. Failure to comply with this can result in legal action.
  23. IQ Logistics has the right to refuse, revoke and disengage the services of any transport company that do not abide by these terms and conditions.