Brendale to Seaford on 13/02/19

Transport company: Trans Australian Freight Management

Trailer type: Straight Deck Taughtliner

Space available: 34.0 pallets / 34000.0kg

Dry price: $3300.00

Refrigerated price: N/A

Company information

Trans Australian Freight Management

32 x pallet B/Double Taughtliners available around Australia. Late model equipment for your requirements.


  • Standard Fatigue Management
  • Basic Fatigue Management
  • Mass Management

Straight Deck Taughtliner

The straight deck Taughtliner is designed for customers requiring ease of access to their goods.

Goods normally carried in straight deck Taughtliners are many and varied from cubic freight, steel, bricks, tiles, pipes, packaged goods, palletized freight, dry produce and express freight.