Tingalpa to Laverton North on 09/01/19

Transport company: CAHILL TRANSPORT

Trailer type: Drop Deck Taughtliner Wth Mezzanine Floor

Space available: 56.0 pallets / 34000.0kg

Dry price: $3300.00

Refrigerated price: N/A

Company information


Since its inception, Cahill Transport has been a family owned and operated company. The Cahill family has been associated with the transport industry since 1915, when John Cahill purchased his first horse and dray. John's son, Joe Snr, was later to become the Victorian General Manager of the company "Yellow Express". In 1951, his son also named Joe, purchased his own truck, which he fondly remembers as a Ford Semi Trailer. The Ford cost 720 pounds, and Joe borrowed money from his father and uncle to assist with the deposit. Within four years, the truck was fully paid for and the growth of Joe's own venture 'Cahill Transport' firmly established. August 2005 marked the proud achievement of over 50 years in the business and of a success story far beyond John Cahill's wildest expectations. In 1989, Joe's sons Dan and Michael purchased the business from their father. Combining hard work and a vision for the future, Dan and Michael have driven the company towards continued expansion and the successful business it is today. The company's growth has doubled over the last decade and it is part of their vision that such rates of growth are maintained.


  • Standard Fatigue Management

Drop Deck Taughtliner Wth Mezzanine Floor

The drop deck taughtliner with mezzanine floor is designed for customers that require ease of access and that have light or fragile goods. The mezzanine floor can be raised to any height within the trailer so goods can be double stacked with out causing damage. Maximum weight on mezzanine floor is 250kg per pallet space.

Goods normally carried in drop deck Taughtliner with mezzanine floor: cubic freight, palletized freight with fragile top loads, parcel freight, express freight.